Saturday, 14 May 2011

Wayne Hemingway exclusive interview with EAST END PRINTS...

Design guru and entrepreneur Wayne Hemingway outlines just why the type trend is here to stay..

  • Why do you think the retro type work is important? We don't think of it as retro ..we think of it as iconic / classic type work that deserves an airing to new generations that weren't around the first time .It’s also amazing what forgotten phrases and slogans can be dug up that are relevant today
  • Do you think the trend in 'type' will continue for much longer? as long as the design and execution is cool and keeps fresh then there will always be a place for it
  • Is it just a British thing? like many aspects of design we often appreciate things pretty quickly here in the UK ..but type face artworks have potential to excite anywhere
  • Do you think the masses are ready for this? some things will never cross over fully into the mass market “Keep calm and Carry On” is about as mass as things are going to get with type face / slogans but even that is harder for much of the market than say a painting of a coastline
  • What was the selection based on ?Positive message? Quite simply fonts and slogans in our LOLC collection that we would have on our walls ...things that make us smile , feel good
  • Does it matter that these are anonymous works? thats part of the attraction of LOLC ..the Lost Content bit .... trying to imagine the though process , the original uses , how they were designed and artworked etc is fun...occasionally the original artworker opos up...that adds extra interest
  • Why do you feel people like words on their walls and not pictures? some people are more graphically minded , it also just looks cooler the right place
  • Can you predict -or do you want to start the next trend in wall art? this collection is the past , now and the future rolled into one..its TIMELESS

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