Monday, 12 November 2012

Mary Portas, The Roman Road and EAST END PRINTS

Great write up from Kiss Me Kate Ceramics...thank you!


What an exciting Saturday I’ve just had!!!

A researcher for Mary Portas new TV show approached Helen Edwards of EAST END PRINTS last weekend and asked her to bring EAST END PRINTS to the Roman Road market as part of a programme she is filming about the  regeneration of the Roman Road Market and the surrounding area. So with five days notice Helen worked her little socks off (whilst balancing 7 month old baby George on her hip) and got it done, proppa East End dun!
We got to the market and set up for nine, the adrenaline of being filmed and meeting Mary Portas making us as wired as bees drunk on honey. As I was setting up I had my screen shot *CRINGE* I don’t think I’m destined for bright lights and movies. I hated being in front of the camera.
Next thing you knew Mary had arrived! EEEEEKKKK!

She was lovely full of beans, buzzing with energy and passion for designers and small businesses.

She loved our prints at EAST END PRINTS (especially Dieter Braun Midnight Foxes) and our story, and told us to make the story a main part of the advertising and branding for EAST END PRINTS. Good points to work on, and I know Helen will be beavering away on them as we speak!
Main points to remember for EAST END PRINTS:
  • #1 EAST END PRINTS support emerging creative talent by providing a selling platform for emerging up and coming grapic 2D artists,
  • #2 for each print of the artists work EAST END PRINTS sell the artist gets paid a substantial royalty
So what’s not to love, EAST END PRINTS loving new artists, supporting emerging talent, bringing you the freshest Art on the block at brilliantly affordable prices! Win Win I say!
Anyway back to Mary …

She was very lovely talking to everybody who approached her, she didn’t like being rushed around by her director and enjoyed mingling with traders and market visitors alike.
It was like a strange surreal whirlwind …
First Mary arrived then next thing the Pearly Kings and Queens of the East End turned up did they’re little speech about apples and pears and rosie lees and then proceeded to dance the ‘Lambeth Walk‘ and then we all had a bloomin good sing song to ‘maybe its because I’m a Londoner!’. Then up pops this gorgeous Indian girl and she does very hypnotic traditional dance in bare feet on the pavement (brave! my tootsies got cold just watching her) she finished with a flurry and a round of applause then out of the speakers pumps a hardcore bass line and this rapper starts up. Have to say really enjoyed that bit, the bass lines were heavy and I was reaching for the imaginary lasers!

It was all such a weird surreal mish mash of heritages, cultures, musics yet that is what the East End of London is all about.

It is the big melting pot of London.

But it was proper nice to see some dolled up pearly East End geezers speaking sum propa cockney, always warms the cockles of me ‘eart!
Maybe it’s just because I’m a Londoner that I love London so … 
Anyway here’s a little album of the day:
Want to know why Mary loved EAST END PRINTS so much to be taken to our website with a selection of over 500 gorgeous prints!
I’ll let you all know when the show is being aired in the spring.
Exciting times

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