Friday, 3 May 2013

Great Advice for Artists - Greetings Card Publishing

Editor of Progressive Greetings Worldwide, Jakki Brown, shares some advice for greeting card artists and verse writers. To download her article 

The UK greeting card industry leads the world on two counts - design and innovation and per capita send. On average people in the UK send 55 cards a year, 85% of which are bought by women.
But just how do you, as an artist, go about satisfying this voracious appetite of the card sending public? There are two main options: either to become a greeting card publisher yourself or to supply existing greeting card publishers with your artwork or verses and be paid a fee for doing so. The idea of setting up your own greeting card publishing company may sound exciting, but this decision should not be taken lightly. Going down this route will involve taking on all the set up and running costs of a publishing company as well as the production, selling and administrative responsibilities. This often leaves little time for you to do what you do best - creating the artwork.

A little advice from EAST END PRINTS: 

  • Go to as many trade show and art fairs as possible -London based - Pulse, Top Drawer and Progressive Greetings.
  • Read online as much as you can about licensing your artwork.
  • Get up to speed on artist copyright.
  • Find a mentor in the industry. 
  • Check out what your competitors are up to. 

Start with greetings cards and the licensing world is your oyster. Its another income stream which will get you some decent exposure worldwide and hopefully encourage other manufacturers -mugs, tea towels, bed linen to take your work on. 

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