Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Introducing New Typographic Punctuation Prints!

Introducing New Typographic Punctuation Prints

 We have commissioned the multi-skilled creative mind, Philip Sheffield to produce a range of punctuation print, and boy did he deliver! He has come up with a series of elaborate and elegant designs that stand out a mile.
 In this new work we see where his inspiration comes from, the contrast between country life and city life.  His love for nature and screen-print comes out beautifully in the text based ‘AWESOME’, 'NO WAY', 'YES WAY', 'LOVE YOU' etc designs. He also loves to dabble in different styles like the monochrome punctuation prints that are regimented and striking, a lot like London. We find these prints are like nothing we’ve seen around, and that’s what we love about them!
Philip is our dream artist; he is always open to trying new things and creating trends in the design world, rather than following them. We love to share ideas with him, let them spark and watch his mind go wild! Like a flame that won’t stop spreading, Phil is always growing as an artist.
By Emily Downes
Watch this space for more Philip Sheffield work, we are expecting some incredible 3D wood-cuts in for the East London Design Show to go along with the other original editions we will have on display!

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