Friday, 6 September 2013

Animals Galore!

We’re back at Spitafields Art Market this weekend and the animal prints are selling off the wall! August has been our best month yet with people going crazy for foxes, bears, stags along with bold colour print and design. So what is it about these animals that draw the crowds? Our neighbours at Spitafields Art Market seem to have caught on to this craze too and are producing high quality woodland, zoo and jungle original artworks. We think it is the free hand illustration that is a backlash to the clean looking digital images that have been trending in editorial the past few years.  Although the artists range from free drawn sketching to layering on photoshop there is a distinct uncut look about the animals that tie in with fashion trends at the moment. For example, punk seems to be all the rage and what better way to express this than the notorious leopard print and leathers along with bold statement colours. This trend has been put to the test through art prints by one of our best sellers Kris Tate. Look out for our new collection featuring more beautifully hand drawn woodland animals to adorn your walls. 
Come and see our stall this weekend (Fri, Sat and Sun) at Spitafields Art Market 10am-5pm

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